MYTEX H4S membrane modules
– H4L’s little brother

A simple and smart solution for modules with smaller sizes


Limited spaces and hard-to-reach service areas – that’s why we developed the new MYTEX H4S series. It is a simple and smart solution with low space requirements. It is especially suitable for small module sizes up to 150 m² and 2.2 m height.
The technology of the MYTEX H4S membrane module is based on the flexible yet robust MYTEX H4L membrane modules. The simple and modular concept can be delivered fully assembled, if required. And it is "ready to use".

SIMPLY MYTEX H4S – A perfect solution for limited spaces

Benefits at a glance:

Safety thanks to Safeguard Technology®

The patented process ensures that even if the membrane is damaged, the biomass does not penetrate the drainage layer. The retained biomass is deposited on the damaged area and is sealed. A turbidity of the permeate due to the penetration of biomass is barred during the filtration process.

Expandable according to individual requirements

The MYTEX H4S is a simple, smart solution for small module sizes up to 150 m² and 2.2 m height. Thus, the membrane modules can be configured flexibly and individually in size. It can be used for various applications.

Modular system

As a modular system, the MYTEX H4S module can be individually extended in length, width and height at any time. With the newly developed base frame it is very stable, light and configurable to different sizes.


Plug & Play - Module

The MYTEX H4S can be delivered fully assembled and ready to use.
No special lifting equipment is required for assembly - making it easier to install in extremely limited spaces such as on ships or in areas which are hard to reach. In addition, it is very easy to install at the plant.

Lightweight modular design

In conclusion, a self-assembly is possible in < 2h with 2 persons without special tools, a crane or forklift. As a completely assembled unit, the MYTEX H4S is also easy to move without any special tools.

Easy handling and service-friendly process

Since there is only one block per level, it is easy to operate and clean. The frameless design allows good accessibility, it prevents clogging and blocking. In addition, it provides optimal access to the system, making cleaning and maintenance much easier for you.